Social Media – Importance in 2020

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Why Is Social Media So Important

It’s certainly true that social media is one of the most amazing phenomenon of the 00’s

The growth of Facebook has been nothing short of stunning. It seems every new social media platform immediately has a billion followers even if they are brand new like Tik Tok.

But the question for most small business owners is…

“How do I leverage social media for the benefit of my business?”

Facebook Advertising

It seems most people want to jump on the bandwahon and get into Facebook advertising. However, I have something of an issue with Facebook. Firstly, pre-pandemic, they were moving very much in line with Google Ads and marginalizing the small business onwer and entrepreneur.

It’s fair to say, ad prices were increasing rapidly and it was becomning very difficult for the small man to compete. The big brands and big agencies were dominating and using budgets mainly for brand awareness as opposed to online sales.

Given the big brands had big budgets, Facebook played to those big budgets and the small business owner started to become priced out.


Certainly using online sales funnels to maximise funnel value helped the small online entrepreneur compete to a degree, but it was still expensive to advertise on Facebook.

And, FB does give you some excellent tools to use in your marketing. But it was getting expensive.

Enter Covid

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed the world beyond all recognition. It’s also given the small business man a chance to fight back with Facebook ads.

As major brands have run for cover ad prices have tumbled and opened the door for the online marketer and entrepreneur.

This site at Veloce Internation has some great information about this. But, with the world in turmoil, and no-one is really sure where to turn next, now is a great time to get your message out there using Facebook ads.

It still doesn’t help that Facebook change the ad manager interface so often, another play for the big boys with big budgets and making it extremely difficult for one man companies to keep pace with the changes. But if you can keep up, now is a good time to get involved and build an online presence.


It’s also extremely interesting that Instagram are giving much more traction to smaller business and one man bands at the moment.

I was told by an Instagram expert that Insta now offers much better engagement, particularly in the Internet Marketing niche. I have only just started to explore this but initial results are encouraging.

So, I hope you have found this initial overview of Social Media towards the back end of 2020 useful.