Selling During Covid

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There can be zero doubt that selling in the pandemic world in which we live has become much more difficult in certain sectors of the economy.

Whilst Jeff Bezos is doing very well at Amazon thank you very much, other areas like retail, hospitality and entertainment are in the gutter. If the economy is not released soon we will see many hundreds, thousands even of businesses go under.

The Human Cost

Whilst end game calculations are currently impossible, we are already seeing businesses in Spain crumble ( an economy which is much less online) and suicide rates in the U.K quadruple.

The human cost of the pandemic is going to be huge. Indeed the damage the lockdowns cauuse may well end up being far more costly than anything the virus itself could possibly have dished out.

Selling In A Bad Economy

So, what’s it like to try and sell in an economy that is going down the tubes?

Certainly trying to generate new sales in the current economy will be hugely difficult. The U.K is seeing thousands of redundancies with jobs being lost in bulk. Most businesses are cutting back and B2B sales are on the floor. The furlough scheme does, thankfully, keep money in consumers pockets, so the recession is not as deep as it would have been without the scheme.

But B2B sals are extremely difficult. The people who are winning are those with long-term relationships and solid client bases. Trying to generate new business is more than difficult at the moment.

Retail Sales

Retail is undoubtedly one of the most difficult areas at the moment. The new lockdown, dubbed “Lockdown 2” in the U.K has nipped any recovery in retail very much in the bud. The Bank of England are now suggesting a double dip recession. That is unprecedented stuff.

But, it is interesting that where true personal service is offered places can thrive. I found this really good article on Butterknife Books about outrageous service in the second had car sales market. You can read the article here. It’s kind of warming to the heart to see people succeeding depsite everything. And,the essence of the article is that by offering a ruly personalised service and nuturing their clients over many years, a second hand car sales business is thriving in the most trying and testing of times.

The Sales Message Is Clear

It is indeed crystal clear. You simply MUST offer the best, most outstanding servcie to win in the Covid pandemic. The businesses that can win now, will carry that success forward once the pandemic is over and wiill win even bigger post Covid. Come what may, your business should be trying to adopt the best and most exacting customer service protocols now. It will help your business survive now, and prosper into the future.